Over a year ago the last episode of season 2 aired and we went into a creative hiatus. Now we’re finally back and we have new stories to tell.

Season 3 will be bigger and more emotional than anything before. And that’s why we need your help! We believe that together with our Community we will be able to finance a third installment of KUNTERGRAU. With you by our side we will we be able to tell even more stories about our five boys.

Thank you so much for your support!

How can I support season 3?

We strongly believe that we can make season 3 possible and finance it with your help! You can support us simply by using our donation form.

Is there another way but using the donation form?

If you rather want to support us by transferring your donation directly to our bank account you can find the necessary informations here:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln
Account owner: anyway e. V.
IBAN: DE02370205000001248001

Can I have a donation receipt?

If you use our donation form you can choose to get a donation receipt right in the form.
If you support us via bank transfer you can write our project supervisor Falk Steinborn. He will make sure you get a donation receipt via mail.


Why do you need money?

Even though we produce the project as part of the social youth work of Cologne’s LGBT youth center „anyway“ and all of us work on a voluntary basis  there are some costs we can’t avoid. Especially since filmmaking is a very expensive art form.

We need to rent cars to transport our team and equipment, rent equipment which neither the youth center nor our team members already own, the team as well as the Equipment needs an insurance for our 20+ shooting days during which we also need to provide food for everyone involved. On top we need to rent shooting locations.

What do I get in return for my donation?

Every donor who contacts us via mail at produktion@kuntergrau.net to send us their name will be put in our credits.

To protect the privacy of our donors we will only put donors in our credits who reach out to us to be put in them.

When will season 3 premiere?

Season 3 will most likely premiere in summer of 2019.

Can I be part of KUNTERGRAU?
You habe skills that you think we could use? Reach out to us via our contact form or directly via produktion@kuntergrau.net!