Please check the box “ tax receipt“ only if you surely need a tax receipt for your tax return. Each donation receipt costs money and time that we would rather spend on the new season. Thank you.

If you would rather support us with a bank transfer without using our donation form, you can find the necessary information here.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln
Owner: anyway e. V.
IBAN: DE02370205000001248001

Yes, that is possible. Because the organisation anyway e.V., within the framework of which the film team produces the series, is non-profit. Therefore, you can have a donation receipt sent to you if you really need one. This is the case if you donate an amount over 100 € and want to claim it in your tax return. For amounts under 100 € you can simply present your bank statement to the tax office. This is sufficient for this. If you do not file a tax return, you do not need a donation receipt.

You will receive a donation receipt when you click on it in our online donation tool above. If you transfer money by hand, please include your address in the reason for payment next to the keyword KUNTERGRAU. Then we will send you a donation receipt. Questions regarding the donation receipt will be answered at